Characteristics: : Moderate course of 45 km. Can be done in 1/2 day or full day
- Part of the route is on dirt roads and asphalt roads. Elevation + 972m elevation - 972 km.


This route can be done in half a day or in a whole day. It is a difficult route but the peculiarity of the environment deserves an effort. It is designed for those who want to do some sport and enjoy a unique landscape.

You will leave Rosas towards Punta de l' Almadrava, here you will make an ascent of 150 meters in 2.5 km. The first section of about 50m has the steepest slope of the entire first part of the route, but then comes an equal descent to Cala Montjoi where from Easter to the end of summer you can cool off and have a snack to regain strength. From here you will go to Cabo Norfeu ( nature reserve). You will go down until you reach Cala Joncols where you also have the opportunity to make a "technical" stop (restaurant) and beach, you will pass a barrier because the passage of cars is prohibited. Finally comes the last climb (250 m in 3 km) surrounded by mountains with the typical terraces and dry stone huts that characterize this landscape. Before reaching the top you will find another barrier. Then you will go down to Cadaqués. The last two kilometers are a little bit technical although the dirt track is wide, it is very irregular, so you will have to stand up on the bike. During this route you will enjoy magnificent views over what is known as Mar d'Amunt.

When you leave Cadaqués there are two possibilities:

* The easy one: you take the normal road that leads to Roses, you go up approx. 5 km to Perafita (Roses-Cadaqués-Port de la Selva round about) and continue towards Roses. You will find a detour that will take you to the Pení military base and then you will go down a mountain track towards Roses. The route is in very good condition. This time you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views over the Bay of Roses and the Pyrenees.

* More difficult: you will go along the Cadaqués stream until it ends reaching a dirt road where you will take a deviation to the left. The good thing about this alternative is that it is a road where there are no cars but when you go up you will find several steep slopes with a significant difference in level. It is best to start this lap with at least 40% battery. Then after this effort you join the normal road in Perafita and the rest of the route is the same as the previous point.